Tree Trimming: Summer or Fall?

Trees are some of the most exquisite products of nature.  In forests, their sheer number can knock us breathless in admiration, and in a private yard, they add a level of majesty that no building can muster on its own.  All that being said, nature itself sometimes needs a little help keeping things neat and healthy.  Trimming trees is one of the primary ways to make sure that they stay healthy, strong, and look good in the bargain.  But when is the best time to trim? 


Many people believe that trimming trees in the fall is the best time.  The weather isn’t quite so hot, and the majority of leaves have fallen off, leaving the branches clear for the workers to maneuver.  However, there is a strong reason why fall trimming is not as beneficial as it might first appear: fungus.  During the molting months, dying fungi cough their spores into the air, and this makes the cuts on the tree heal slowly, potentially allowing a killing disease to invade. 


A much better time to have tree work done is in the summer, when the spores die quickly, if they are in the air at all.  Quad City residents looking to prune some trees should contact us at Melton Tree Service for an estimate and expedient work.  We’ll make sure your trees are ready for the years to come, when they can continue casting shade over future generations. 


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